Damn Fine Words

It’s only appropriate that my inaugural blog post is about something near and dear to my heart – the Damn Fine Words* writing course under the tutelage of expert copywriter, James Chartrand.

As a writer, do you sometimes struggle with getting just the right words – or any words – down on paper? Some call it writer’s block or the “cursed blinking cursor” syndrome.

Or perhaps you’re someone who can easily free flow a tome of words, but then have difficulty organizing it so that your reader can follow? Either situation can be a problem for someone who is tasked with writing riveting copy.

Writers by nature second-guess themselves on the very thing we’re supposed to be good at.

  • Is my finished product is as good as it can possibly be?
  • Is my headline catchy enough to elicit a click?
  • Is it obvious where my writing starts to warm up?
  • Are my points strongly made and supported?
  • Is my call to action clear and compelling?

Asking those questions is not a bad thing. However, the best way to get the right answers is to work with an authority figure who can provide you with a proven structure to use each time you sit down to write and then give you practical feedback on your efforts.

When was the last time someone held your hand through the writing process? High school? For many of us, that was a long time ago. For some of us, our instructors weren’t necessarily good writers, but good grammarians. There’s a huge difference.

If you’re really serious about honing your craft, James Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words is the one course you must sign up for. DFW will teach you things you never realized were important to you as a writer (such as the layout of your workspace) and how to distill your entire article into three crucial sentences. You will discover your ideal reader and even have a conversation with him. Most importantly, you will be introduced to your secret staff of writers and learn the distinct but important role each of them plays in drafting a well-written article.

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If you’ve never heard of James Chartrand before, welcome to the 21st century. She (yes, she!) has been a successful copywriter for over a decade, and the creator and brains behind Men With Pens. Her goal in creating the Damn Fine Words course is to share her editing expertise by working alongside those who want to improve their creative writing skills – whether they are a writer by trade, or a business person who just wants to create effective copy for their company, or anybody in between.

Successfully completing DFW will give you the poise to take on most any writing assignment, even those with a short deadline, without batting an eye. Both the novice and the seasoned writer will come away with new insights on the process of writing. There was nothing “hard” about this course, nor was there anything particularly “new,” but prepare to have your writing paradigm shifted – for the better!

I personally will never approach a keyboard in quite the same way again, and to that I say “halleluia!” What I’ve learned from James in this course will streamline and polish my writing 1000-fold. For the first time in my many years of writing, I feel confident and prepared to tackle any assignment because I am armed with a virtual arsenal of tools – that I know how to use. I can’t thank James enough!

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