Travel Writing

My husband and I love to take short getaways on the weekends, and we are often found enjoying and exploring local destinations.

Living in the beautiful state of Arkansas, there’s no shortage of amazing trips that are easily within a day’s drive. And with family in Oklahoma, Atlanta and NYC, when we visit, there’s always something unique to write home about!

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I believe that a travel writer’s job is to describe what the reader can expect to find at his destination, without bias, and of course, highlight the “don’t miss” and “must do” sights and experiences that make each trip a memorable one.

Since my writing arsenal covers more than just describing the scenery, I can include extra touches such as research into the area’s history, take seminal photographs and even take time to interview some famous – and even not-so-famous – locals, giving the piece depth and insight that wouldn’t likely be found from just a map, book or brochure.

My writing so far focus on destinations within a day’s drive from my home, but if you’re interested in hiring me to write about a location that’s further away, please contact me and we can discuss rates.

I’d love to tell your story!